Suggestion on Introduction to Prose (Paper Code : 211107)

Prose suggestion

Prose suggestion2016 Suggestion on Introduction to Prose

For the Honours 1st Year students of National University

Paper Code :  211107 Marks : 100 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 60
Paper Title : Introduction to Prose

How to study Prose

  1. Make a chart or use a diagram as below to enlist the major themes and issues.
Author Abraham Lincoln
Biography Born: 1809 1861 : 16th preseident 1862: Emanc. Proclamation Civil War:


Death: 1865
Text Guettysburg Address
Tone Optimistic, Reassuring,
Mood Solemn, somber
Themes War Nationalism Patriotism Death




War of Liberation 1776, Civil War 1861-1865 Great nation, conceived in liberty and equality Honoured deads, unfinished jobs,devotion Final resting place, sacrifice of lives, war cemetery


  1. Write a bullet biography of the author.
  2. Talk about the title. What does it suggest to you?
  3. Read the text more than thrice.
  4. Write compositions about the major themes.
A list of Themes commonly explored in prose
  • Love, Sex, Death, , Oppression,  Politics, Fear, Childhood, Memory, Nostalgia, History, Nature, Natural World, Time, Mysticism, Power of Poetry, Modern life, Immortality, Parenthood, Mortality, patriotism. Gender, Identity, Capitalism – effect on the individual, Change of power, Change versus tradition, Desire to escape, Disillusionment and dreams, Evils of racism, Faith versus doubt, Individual versus society, Injustice, Isolation, Nationalism, Patriotism , Power and corruption, Pride and downfall,  War , Working class struggles, Youth and beauty


Useful Terms and Concepts
Didacticism in Bacon’s essay, Machiavellian Philosophy, Aphoristic Style of Bacon, Bacon as a moralist, The American Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation, Tagore’s patriotism, Lord Chelmsford, Imperialism, Shahib, Non-violent movement, American Dream, American Civil Rights Movement, Nelson Mandela, Anglo-Boer War, the African National Congress, Irony in Luncheon, Short Story, Humour, Foyot’s, The Magi, King Solomon, The Queen of Sheba, Araby, Epiphany, Mrs. Sheridan, Laura, The American Wife, George, Anita Desai, Ravi, Raghu, The Game of Hide and Seek.



Fransis Bacon: Of Studies

  1. What qualities of Bacon as an essayist do you find in “Of Studies”? 2015br
  2. Write a note on aphoristic style used by Bacon in his “Of Studies”.2014br*****
  3. What is an essay? Evaluate ‘Of Studies’ as an essay?2012br*****
  4. Discuss Bacon’s prose style. (2011br)***
  5. Explain pragmatism with reference to “Of Studies’. Or How does Bacon use practical wisdom in the essay ‘Of Studies’?*****
  6. What are the functions of studies?****
  7. How do different men take to mean studies?***
  8. How should a reader approach a book?**
  9. Discuss Fransis Bacon’s biography.**
  10. Make a list the benefits of studying different subjects such as, History, Philosophy, Law, and Mathematics etc.
  11. Who are “Cymini Sectores”?**
  12. How does Bacon classify book and what are they?
  13. What does “Abeunt studia in mores” mean?
  14. What does Bacon suggest for a man whose mind wanders?2015b
  15. Is Bacon a follower of Machiavelli?
  16. What are the uses of reading books?*****
  17. What, according to Bacon, are the methods of reading books?
  18. What are Bacon’s views on reading books?
  19. In what sense is Bacon called ‘the father of English prose’?


  1. Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability.**
  2. Crafty men contemn studies……wise men use them.***
  3. Read not to contradict…….to weigh and consider.
  4. Reading maketh a full man……….exact man.*****

Abraham Lincoln: Gettysburg Address

  1. Discuss Lincoln’s biography in short.
  2. Trace the historical background of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.****
  3. What are the responsibilities of the living Americans according to Lincoln?***
  4. How do the Americans have ‘a new birth of freedom’?***
  5. Why is Abraham Lincoln regarded as the father of the American nation?


  1. Four score and seven years ago…….created equal.
  2. The brave men……to add or detract.
  3. It is for us the living……….so nobly advanced.
  4. This nation under God ……..…..perish from the earth.***

Rabindranath Tagore: Letter to Lord Chelmsford Rejecting Knighthood

  1. What marks of patriotism do you find in Tagore’s letter to Lord Chelmsford Rejecting Knighthood?***
  2. ‘Tagor’s letter is a protest against the repression of the British Raj in India’-Discuss.2014**** or How was Rabindranath involved in the movement against the British Raj in India?************
  3. What picture of British Raj do you find in Tagore’s letter of protest to Lord Chelmsford?
  4. Why did Rabindranath renounce his knighthood? 2015s****
  5. What do you know about the Amritsar Massacre or the Jalianwalla Bagh massacre?***


  1. “We must strongly assert that it can claim no political expediency, far less moral justification.” – Elucidate.
  2. “ The enormity of measures taken by the Government in the Punjab for quelling some local disturbances has with rude shock, revealed to our minds the helplessness of our position as British subjects in India.” – Explain

George Orwell: Shooting an Elephant

  1. What real perspective did the writer get about imperialism from the incident of shooting the elephant? 2015s**
  2. Discuss the evils of imperialism in the light of Orwell’s ‘Shooting an Elephant’.****
  3. What do you know about colonialism?****
  4. What was the difficult situation of Geroge Orwell as a police officer in Burma?***
  5. Bring out the autobiographical elements in Geroge Orwell’s ‘Shooting an Elephant’.
  6. What was the episode of shooting the elephant?



  1. All I knew was that I was stuck between my hatred of the empire I served and my rage against …….impossible.
  2. Feelings like these are the normal by products of imperialism. NU 2007
  3. This is invariably the case in the east, a story always sounds clear……vaguer it becomes.
  4. When a white man turns tyrant it is his own freedom that he destroys. He becomes…….. a shahib. NU 2003
  5. A shahib has got to act like a sahib. NU 2005

Martin Luther King Jr.: I have a dream

  1. Consider “I Have a Dream” as a charter of freedom and equality for the black people of America. (NU 2015 br)
  2. What are the ways of achieving freedom and equality for the African Americans according to Martin Luther King?***
  3. Comment on the oratorical qualities of Luther Kings’s speech , ‘I Have a Dream’.****
  4. What do you know about Martin Luther King Jr.?
  5. Discuss the background history of Luther’s famous speech ‘I Have a Dream’.
  6. What is an American Dream?**
  7. What discriminations are being faced by the African Americans?**
  8. What does Martin Luther mean by non-violent movement?**
  9. What do you mean by American Civil Rights Movement?


  1. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly ….discriminations.
  2. So we have come to cash this check…..justice.
  3. We cannot walk alone.


Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

  1. What does Mandela mean by “The glorious achievement of the people of South Africa?***
  2. How does Mandela define freedom of a man in a civilized society?***
  3. Comment on Mandela’s role in the struggle against the white domination in South Africa.
  4. How was Mandela honoured by the state forces during his inauguration ceremony as the first black president of South Africa?
  5. How was Mandela inspired to join the ANC?***



  1. Today, all of us do, by our presence here…… newborn liberty.
  2. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid , but he who conquers that fear.
  3. Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.
  4. The oppressed and the oppressor alike are robbed of their humanity.
  5. But, I can rest only for a moment…….my long walk is not yet ended.








William Somerset Maugham: The Luncheon

  1. Give an account of trials and tribulations of the writer during the Luncheon. (2015 br)
  2. What is Irony? Comment on the use of irony in “The Luncheon”.***
  3. How did the writer have his revenge upon the lady admirer?**
  4. What is humour?


  1. But I was flattered and I was too young to have learned to say no to a woman.
  2. I have had my revenge at last.


William Sydney Porter (O’Henry): The Gift of the Magi

  1. How did Jim and Della prove their love for each other? (NU 2015 br)
  2. Discuss the theme of love in “The Gift of the Magi”.
  3. What irony of situation do you find in the story of Jim and Della?*****
  4. Why are Jim and Della called the magi of the modern world?***
  5. What are the two proud possessions of Jim and Della?
  6. Describe the apartment of Jim and Della.
  7. Who is the queen of Sheba?***


  1. Of all who give and receive gifts………they are the magi. (NU 2015)
  2. Had the queen of Sheba lived…… jewels and gifts.
  3. Please God, make him think , I am still pretty.
  4. Let us put our Christmas present away……put the chops on.

James Joyce: Araby

  1. Evaluate James Joyce’s ‘Araby’ as a short story.***
  2. Discuss the theme of transition from adolescence to adulthood in “Araby”.***
  3. What picture of Dublin City do you get in ‘Araby’?
  4. What does ‘Araby’ symbolizes in James Joyce’s short story.**
  5. When does the epiphany occur in ‘Araby’?
  6. What is the significance of the blind street in the story?


  1. Grazing up into the darkness………….anguish and anger.
  2. I had never spoken to her………my foolish blood.
  3. My body was like a harp………….upon the wires.

Katherine Mansfield: The Garden Party

  1. ‘The Garden Party’ is a story about a young girl’s development into maturity.- Discuss . (2015br)
  2. How did Mansfield portray a contrast between the rich and the poor in her story?****
  3. What picture of life and society do you find in “The Garden Party”?
  4. Discuss the class consciousness in ‘The Garden Party’.
  5. Comment on Mansfield’s attitude to life in “The Garden Party”.
  6. In what sense is “The Garden Party” a study in child psychology?
  7. How is Laura affected by the death of her neighbor?***
  8. What is the attitude of the Sheridans to the poor?
  9. How is Laura different from the other members of the family?


  1. Oh, so remote, so peaceful. He was dreaming.
  2. You are being very absurd, Laura, …………..enjoyments as you’re doing now.

Ernest Hemingway: Cat in the Rain

  1. What idea do you get about American Society from the relation of the couple in ‘Cat in the Rain’? (2015 br)
  2. Evaluate Hemingway’s ‘Cat in the Rain’ as a short story.*****
  3. Discuss the theme of isolation in ‘Cat in the Rain’.**
  4. Comment on the symbols used in ‘Cat in the rain’.
  5. What does rain symbolize in the story?***
  6. What does cat symbolize in “Cat in the rain”?
  7. In what sense does the ‘Cat’ resemble the American wife in the story?
  8. Who is George?


  1. The husband went on reading, lying propped up with ………foot of the bed.
  2. George was not listening……….come on the square.

Anita Desai: Games at Twilight

  1. Bring out the symbolic meaning of the title “Games at Twilight” (2015br)
  2. What aspects of child psychology are explored in “Games at Twilight”?***
  3. Trace the elements of Irony in ‘Games at Twilight’.***
  4. What Indian element do you find in ‘Games at Twilight’
  5. Who is Anita Desai?
  6. Evaluate ‘Games at Twilight’ as a short story.**
  7. Make note on the following characters:
  8. Ravi**
  9. Raghu**
  10. The mother
  11. The Game of Hide and Seek
  12. The Funeral Game


  1. He wanted victory and triumph………not join them now.
  2. Having disappeared from the scene, he had disappeared from their minds.

George Eliot : Silas Marner

  1. Comment on the role of chance and coincidence in the plot of Silas Marner. B2015
  2. Compare and contrast the two classes of people presented in Silas Marner .******
  3. Comment on the central character of Silas Marner.**
  4. Trace the progress of regeneration of Silas Marner.******
  5. Compare and contrast the career of Silas Marner and Godfray Cass***
  6. Narrate the process of realization and reservation of Silas Marner.
  7. Why did Silas depart from his native town?***
  8. Describe Silas’ obsession with money.
  9. How does Dunstan steal Silas’ Money?
  10. Write a short note on:
  11. Novel
  12. Bullet biography of George Eliot
  13. Eppie***
  14. Wildfire**
  15. Industrial Revolution
  16. Reveloe
  17. Dustan Cass***
  18. Molly Farren***
  19. Nancy Lammeter
  20. How did Molly die?
  21. What effect does Eppie have on Silas’ life?
  22. Why did Eppie reject Godfrey Cass’ offer of acceptance?
  23. Aside from Silas’ visit to Lantern Yard, does the novel offer any comment on contemporary industrial conditions?


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