First Day at University : Reminiscing of Shakib Chowdhury

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Here we are going to get introduced with the real experiences of a top ranking private university student of Bangladesh. Hope the shared opinion of Mr.Shakib Chowdhury (Miskat), a promising talent from Narayanganj, will act as guidelines for the future generation of student seeking admission into universities of Bangladesh.

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Mr. Shakib Chowdhury writes :

Shakib Chowdhury
Shakib Chowdhury

First Day at University : Reminiscing of Shakib Chowdhury

When we were in childhood days, we would listen some stories, we heard much from our grandparents, used to dream about that a lot, when we entered the KG/Primary school, we were used to listen that people are developing themselves by taking degrees from Universities. 

I do not know about others, but then I had a dream to read in a university which will be very gorgeous, very lovely and very enjoyable place. I used to sleep with pillow and dreamt a lot about universities life. How it will be? What type of guys will be there? What will be there activity? Etc.

 I read in primary school in my childhood, not a famous one, like others, that’s why enjoyed a little bit completed my SSC from well known school and completed my HSC level in a college from rural area. Obviously life was the most significant time I have ever passed. But I had to go in a university. The pressure was going high. Fell much excited with the flow of life. 

Result of SSC and HSC 

My result of SSC and HSC were not so good at all. In spite of that I dreamt to read in Dhaka University. The biggest Educational Institution you can find in Bangladesh. Tried a lot, but because of the lacking of GPA scores, could not get admission in DU. Definitely I was feeling heart broken. Though that my life ruined. I have lost in the life race started crying an drying. Everyone has a tendency in his life. I had also. But after than incident I had to change my trace.

 When I was completing my HSC level I had heard about some well known Private universities like EWU, NSU, and BRAC and etc. Truly saying, in that time I was less interested in those Private Universities.

Plan to join Dhaka university

 When I failed to join DU and planned to change my trace, my knowledge level went higher and I found those universities as a great opportunity to develop ones career. Also heard that I will have to give exam in order to get chance of those Universities. I was highly interested when I heard that I choose East West University. For giving an exam the date was 13th December 2014, Result published at the day of 19th December 2014. I passed in the exam and got chance in BBA Department. So at last my dream came true. Admitted on 22 December 2014 in the East west University. I saw the notice board that the orientation programm will be held on 8th January 2015.

First day in University

 In that day I was highly excited in the morning I woke up early and brushed my teeth, then taken break fast. After that I went out East WestUniversity. As our home is quite far from the University, I had to cross 5 hurdle to reach. First rickshaw, then boat, after that Bus again baby taxi and finally Leguna. When I started my journey by rickshaw, the weather was awesome. Air was too cold. Then when I stepped in boat the boatman began to play with his hand magic and made us sure about going to other side of the river. In my journey, I was taken alone with my father and uncle,They were highly excited too.

We were waiting for the bus. When the Bus arrived we jumped into the bus and took our seat. I saw many things there. They all seemed to be know in my eyes. I don’t know the reason. Bus took 30 minutes to arrive Chittagong road, we stepped out from bus and were searching for a CNG, as because it was my first day in University. We hired a CNG and gave him Taka 100 when the driver took us to staff quarter. We saw some leguna’s helper shouting for passenger. I remember the face of that helper. He was tiny, with dark face.

We sat on leguna and it was very difficulty to manage space for 6 persons in that small space. However, we managed. The road was very high sometimes because of the bridge. The environment was dusty. There were too much dust, unhealthy environment. However we manage to cope with this. After 20 minutes we came off and paid Take 90 for three passengers. The price seemed much to me. After that I could see my university from outside. My reaction was ….OMG. I was stunned to see design from outside. We were walking over a concrete bridge to reach my university gate.

University promote western culture

When we came to the gate there were three gatemen and they let us go inside. I was scared to see different types of styles of boys and girls.

 As this University promote western culture. The students especially girls seemed to be uncommon, unseen in my eyes. Undoubtly I am not habituated to see all this.

 However, new place was very charming. The weather was very cold and I was shivering from cold. I entered the university campus and I was amazed to see it. What a great campus it is.

Our orientation programme

 As I was saying, It was our orientation programme that day about to be held in11 a.m. the morning. All seats were arranged according to our roll. It was preplanned and all the students were supposed to take their in seats accordingly to their rolls.

 I searched my seat for two minutes and could not find it. Then our elder brother students of this University helped me out.

 I took my seat and took some clicks of the arrangements. I was seated with three boys and two girls. All persons were friendly therein. They introduced themselves to me and I did the same. I was able to talk freely with them.

 My mind was refreshed than before. I was completely ready for the programme then. At just 11 AM a sister came to the diace and requested a brother to recite from the holy Quran. The voice was very nice. After the brother, the sister came to the diace again and requested the register to give a valuable speech. After that our acting V.C. gave a speech. Finally our dean TAC sit (In a nutshell) (Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury) introduced all faculty member of BBA to us. They just smiled while standing. After that we were served with break fast. After the programme two brother of us named Mr. Ishat and Mr. Ranjon took us to take a look of entire university. That was the most significant moment of that day.

Visiting Deparments of the East west University

 We saw library, common room, roof top, gossip room, cafeteria, lift, indoor stadium underground floor and what not I found those brothers quite friendly and well behaved.

 We were 35 in numbers and Isak and Ranjon bai were the hosts. We introduced ourselves to others in the cafeteria. When I introduced myself and said I have to come from Narayangong daily, they really appreciate me.

 We finished the tour after 1 hour and Ranjon Bai took leave from us doing a very charming behave.

 We all were apart then. I had created a face book group earlier. All were the students of BBA Department in that group. I called them and met with them, took selfies, did much fun after that department.

 I met with my father and uncle and shared an experience.  They were smiling and I felt really good.

 It was our departing time. Walked in the ground and was about to leave the ground for that day. I was little depressed them. My father hold my hand and took me outside.

  I came out from the University and did my journey on the same way.

 When I reached home, I was missing those moments, but I was feeling happy after thinking that I am going to spend 4 yrs in this varsity. Then I could my heart.

Never forget these memories

 After all it is enjoyable moment in my life indeed. I will never forget these memories in my whole life, even when I will be old. People used to gossip about varsity life and I would listen. I can also gossip about my varsity life. Thanks Allah for giving me the chance and also thanks to my beloved parents who spend much money for our future career. I will be always grateful to my Allah al first and my parents and other relatives who encourage me very much for my future career. 

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