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Today we will discuss the details of Dialogue Writing in English. In JSC, SSC and HSC exam, Dialogue Writing Exercise question is common. Let’s prepare for Dialogue Writing. 

example of short dialogue

Definition of Dialogue Writing in English

A dialogue refers to a conversation between two persons. Besides, it is a discussion between two or more people which intends to produce an agreement.

Essential Features of a dialogue:

  • It occurs between two or more persons.
  • It is written in the spoken language.
  • It contains humor and wit.
  • Its language is simple, easy to understand, and lively.
  • Short forms are frequently used.
  • Salutation and Addressing are important elements of a dialogue.
  • It should reveal the characters

Dialog Example

Techniques of Writing a Dialogue:

 Ready-made answers should not be memorized. It’s a good idea to go through as many of them as possible.  Without memorizing a dialogue from its top to bottom, we can memorize only a few topic related sentences form the available one.

  • Write down the title of the dialogue:

‘A dialogue between John and Jack on……’

  • Learn to frame questions.

YES/NO questions = Do you smoke?

WH questions = Why do you smoke?


Make more use of the short forms

Do not Don’t
Does not Doesn’t
Am not Am not [ never say amn’t] [say aren’t if need be]
Is not Isn’t
Are not Aren’t
Have not Haven’t
Has not Hasn’t
Did not Didn’t
Was not Wasn’t
Were not Weren’t
Had not Hadn’t
Can not Cannot / Can’t[Never say ….can  not]
Could not Couldn’t
May not Mayn’t
Might not Mightn’t
Should not Shouldn’t
Would not Wouldn’t
Shall not Shan’t
Will not Won’t


More short forms:

He’s = He is/was,

He’ll = He shall/will,

 I’d= I would/had,

 I’m= I am,

They’re = They are, etc.

Dialogue Writing Examples for school


Dialogue Writing Exercise for  Students

If you are asked to write a dialogue between you and your friend, write




If you are asked to write a dialogue between Rina and Robin, write.



English Greeting,

Learn the most commonly used greeting, introducing, & saying goodbye keys.


  • Hello
  • Good morning/afternoon/ evening.
  • How is everything?
  • Thank you
  • Goodbye.


  • Hi, Shushmita, what are doing?
  • Hi, there, Rakib, where are you going?
  • What’s up?
  • Bye



Dialogue writing between two friends

The format of Dialogue writing
‘A dialogue between John and Rakib on………. topic of dialogue ….…’

John: Hello, Rakib, how are you?


Rakib:   I am fine, and you?


John: I’m fairly well and I am thinking about a matter.


Rakib: What is the matter? Would you like to share that with me?


John:     Why not? I’m thinking about (……topic of dialogue……..). It’s very essential/ harmful for us and for our society.


Rakib: Yes, you’re right. It’s become a burning question these days. Most of the people of our country are not aware of (…………..……..). But we must change this condition for our betterment.


Put some sentences here related to the topic of dialogue 

John: Exactly, we all have to work together for increasing/removing (…………………..……..). I think it is our duty.

Rakib: Ok, now I’ve to go. Thanks a lot for your discussion and valuable information.

John: You are welcome, my dear. Take care, bye.

Rakib:  See you around.

Sample Dialogues between friends

  • Write a dialogue between you and your friend on the uses and abuses of the mobile phone.


Rakib: Hello, Rakib, how are you?

Farid:   I am fine, and you?

Rakib: I’m fairly well and I am thinking about a matter.

Farid: What is the matter? Would you like to share that with me?

Rakib: I have purchased an android mobile phone.

Farid:  Actually, all walks of people are using the mobile phone.

Rakib: Right you are. They can not do a single day without it.

Farid:  It has made our life easy and comfortable. Besides talking, you can pay the electricity bill, use the internet and perform many other important jobs.

Rakib: Nowadays, android and windows mobile phone are available that work like computers.

Farid:  Right you are. Now, we can send e-mails and make video calls through a mobile phone.

Rakib: It has some bad sides also. Such as, terrorists and criminals use it and they commit the crime.

Rakib:  Actually, nothing excess is good. We should make the best use of it.

Farid: Ok, now I’ve to go. Thanks a lot for your discussion and valuable information.
Rakib: You are welcome, my dear. Take care, bye.

Farid:  See you around.

Topics for Dialogue writing in English 

100% Sure Success Dialogue Suggestions for SSC, HSC, & JSC
§  The choice of career.
§  Preparation for the final examination.
§  Load shedding.
§  Bangladesh / our motherland.
§  Bangladesh Cricket.
§  Effects of student politics.
§  University admission
§  Road accidents in our country.
§  Importance of learning English.
§  Importance of tree plantation.
§  About an interesting book.
§  Eve teasing.
§  Price hike/ rise of the price of essential commodities.
§  Global warming
§  Traffic jam.
§  Environment pollution.
§  Eradicating  the illiteracy problem from Bangladesh
§  Admission  in a public university
§  Dangers of smoking
§  The  importance of punctuality


How to write the dialogue between two characters


In writing the dialog paragraph between two characters, you have to first target the moving forward of the story. Simultaneously you would be revealing the inner hearts of the characters. The talking of the characters should be confined to a particular word count and other restrictions. They should be allowed to talk and discusses in the free mood. This would facilitate the development of the characters.

Here is an example of dialog sentence and paragraphs between two characters. In this very dialog ,we are going to teach you a conversation between two friends in a college setting






Hope this page guide your dialogue writing exercise. For any clarification please email me abadat@iamastudent.net or contact here.



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