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poetry-suggestion 15 comments
(Last updated on 13 January 2017) Poetry Suggestion Dear students, you are welcome to I am a student .net.  In this page we present you suggestion for  Honours 1st Year of National University (NU)- Introduction to Poetry Suggestion (Paper Code:  211105)     Useful Terms for a better understanding of […]

Suggestion on Introduction to Poetry (Paper Code: 211105)

Introduction to Linguistics 13 comments
Dear Students, Welcome to I AM A STUDENT .NET. In this page you will have suggestion on Introduction to Linguistics Suggestion. 2014 Suggestion for Introduction to Linguistics (Paper Code:  1178)  Marks: 100 Credits: 4 Class Hours: 60 The course introduces students to fundamentals of Linguistics. It covers: Definition and characteristics of […]

Introduction to Linguistics Suggestion for 3rd Year

Which is the best private university for CSE in Bangladesh? We today just try to identify the top university for CSE in Bangladesh. The final comparison is up to you only. Quite recently  the demand  of the computer CSE graduate. Are you busy in finding CSE university  in Bangladesh?  There are […]

Which is the best private university for CSE in Bangladesh?

Degree English Suggestion 2016 75 comments
Degree Compulsory English Suggestion 2016 Dear Student, in our today’s post you are going to get the country’s best researched suggestion for the Honours (Non-credit) Compulsory  for 2016 and  Degrees Compulsory English under National University of Bangladesh. Let’s go to suggestion section. Honours (Non-credit) Compulsory English 2016  Final Suggestions Reading Comprehensions: All previous NU questions […]

Degree Compulsory English Suggestion 2016

dialogue writing example 2 comments
Today we will discuss the details of Dialogue Writing in English. In JSC, SSC and HSC exam, Dialogue Writing Exercise question is common. Let’s prepare for Dialogue Writing.  Definition of Dialogue Writing in English A dialogue refers to a conversation between two persons. Besides, it is a discussion between two or more […]

Dialogue Writing Examples   Recently updated !