How to become a Barrister from Bangladesh

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How to become a Barrister After HSC Staying in Dhaka

For HSC students, there are 12 subjects in LLB under University of London. For BA/MA/MBA/BBA, there are 09 subjects. No Exemption is awarded for Bangladeshi LLB/LLM passed students. One thing should be noted by the Bangladeshi Barrister Aspirants that no local LLB qualification/degree  is taken into account by the UK authority. Therefore; if you want to be a barrister, you should start with LLB  under University of London, and of course it is possible to do so even staying in Bangladesh.


Legal Profession in the World/Bangladesh

All-honor, dignity and money- are offered in the legal profession in Bangladesh. Old is gold, is only applicable for the profession of all times, the legal profession. One can enter this profession after HSC, DEGREE, HONOURS, and MASTERS in any subject or group. It offers career options even after A-level/HSC.

How to become a Barrister from Bangladesh
How to become a Barrister from Bangladesh

Law as a professional is much more recognized in our society from the British rule in the subcontinent. After the birth of Bangladesh in the year 1971, the legal profession has been also popular among the student of the country.

In Bangladesh you have to complete LLB degree first from any public, private or affiliated colleges of national university of Bangladesh and secondly you have appear before the Bar council exam for getting permission in the court practices.

Becoming a Barrister From Bangaldesh

It is the British qualification anyone can achieve either staying in Bangladesh during academic studies or directly studying at any British university in the UK. It is compulsory to get practical experiences at the law firm in London staying there for the duration of at least 09 months.

How to become a Barrister after HSC
How to become a Barrister after HSC


Barristers’ Association of Bangladesh (BAB)

Barristers’ Association of Bangladesh (BAB), established in 1960s, is a non-profit making organization in Bangladesh. The BAB has been working for the development of legal profession, and enactment of suitable legislation in the country. Moreover the BAB is tryst of barristers of all generation. ‘Always for Justice’ is the slogan of BAB.

The Steps/ Phases for being a Barrister

Step 1_Obtain LLB degree from any UK government recognized university. Any Bangladeshi student can obtain LLB from the University of London staying in Dhaka and appearing LLB exam at the British Council in Dhaka for which students have to pay additional exam center fee £43 per exam sitting. One can complete his or her LLB from the University of London by passing in the nine law papers for which one has to pay £ 1800 (approx.).

Step 2_Attend the Bar Professional Training Course in London that needs one year of full time study or two years of part-time study. Graduates other than law disciplines at the university can also go for training just after doing a conversion course on law.

Step 3_ Attend pupilage at a barrister’s chambers.

Step 4_Obtain tenancy at a barrister’s chamber as a self employed barrister.

Thus one can become a barrister.

How to become a Barrister after hsc staying in Dhaka
How to become a Barrister after hsc staying in Dhaka

Become Barrister after HSC:

HSC qualified students have to do a diploma course on basic law and then they will get into admitted in the LLB courses for applying the Bar professional training courses. You have to spend 02 year in diploma and two/three years in LLB courses.


Subject List for Barrister if HSC/A-Level Passed

Standard Entry LLB structure –
Qualifying Law Degree route after HSC/A-Level
Level 1 

One compulsory module
Common law reasoning and institutions
Three core modules
Contract law
Criminal law
Public law
Level 2 

One core module
Tort law
Level 3  

One compulsory module
Jurisprudence and legal theory
Three core modules
Equity and Trusts
Property law
EU law

Three optional modules chosen from
Administrative law
Civil and criminal procedure
Commercial law
Company law
Conflict of laws
Family law
Intellectual property
International protection of human rights
Introduction to Islamic law
Labour law
Public international law

University of London’s Affiliated Institutes in Dhaka:

Hopefully more than 10 institutes in Dhaka offers courses of the University of London here in Dhaka at a reasonable cost/service charges in addition to set fees to be sent to London.

Details can be found at the following addresses: 

The Address of the Bar at London:

The Bar Council, 289-393 High Holborn, London WC1V 7HZ, DX: 240 LDE, United Kingdom.

Tell: 020 7242 0082

The Address of the University of London:

Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, United kingdom

Tell: 4420 7862 8000

 Final talk, students from other background are highly encouraged to do bar professional training courses in the UK.

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