I welcome you to one of our largest articles ” Would you rather questions” (Cradle to Grave). The post will cover all types of Would you rather questions which would be fit for any situation with guys, girl, kind and couples. For your easy navigation, we have inserted sub-heading in the entire article. […]

Would you rather questions (Cradle to Grave)

Comment on Shaw’s views on love and war in Arms and the Man. Or Evaluate Arms and the Man as an anti-romantic comedy.***********   “Arms and the Man”, the great anti-romantic play by G.B. Shaw, exposes the futilities of love and war. Shaw has discouraged the readers to have the […]

Abadat’s Note on Arms and the Man

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Evaluate Riders to the Sea as a modern tragedy with a classical setting.2015****2011***   “Riders to the Sea’’ by John Millington Synge is a tragedy of the modern age but written in the light of Greek convention of tragedies. The play is a modern tragedy with a classical setting because […]

Abadat’s Note on Riders to the Sea

Evaluate “The Lion and the Jewel” as a postcolonial literary piece.****   “The Lion and the Jewel” is a postcolonial literary text which unravels several instances of putting into practice the cultural hegemony in the name of the civilizing mission of the colonial power. “The Lion and the Jewel” portrays […]

Abadat’s Note on The Lion and the Jewel

National University of Bangladesh Suggestion on Romantic Poetry Course Code:221103 Part A: Brief Questions                                                                                             (1×10=10) [Go through the texts of the poems with special focus on the imageries, plots, themes, and the biographies of the poets.********************]     Part B: Short Questions on Romantic Poetry           […]

Romantic Poetry Suggestion (Code:221103)

What does the word sympathy mean? The sympathy meaning of: Sympathy is the expression of feeling of sorrow for others. If someone feels and expresses sorrow for other’s hardship, he or she has sympathy for the sufferers. For examples – Mr Richard has showed profound condolences for the wounded people […]

Definition of Sympathy

Introduction to Drama 5 comments
Suggestion on Introduction to Drama For the students of Honours 2nd Year National University Part A: Brief Questions                                                                           (1×10=10) [Go through the text books as intensively as possible putting special emphasis on the major characters and their speeches]   Part B: Short Questions                                                                           (5×4=20)  King Oedipus What […]

Suggestion on Introduction to Drama for 2nd Year

Ellipses in English 1 comment
Dear Students, we welcome you to our today’s post on ellipsis as a punctuation mark.  In this page you have the definition of ellipsis and usages of ellipsis in details (with examples sentences from everyday English). Definition of Ellipses Ellipsis means the omission of one or more words from a particular […]

Ellipsis in English