Top 5 Usages of Noun Phrases in English 1 comment

Top 5 Usages of Noun Phrases in English

Top 5 Usages of Noun Phrases in English

Top 5 Usages of Noun Phrases in English


Top 5 Usages of Noun Phrase (NP):

In this page you are going to learn the making process of a big sentences by combing more than one noun phrases. So, without delay we should start our learning.

Definition: We can use the noun phrase- The tall boy, the good girl, the young man, the beautiful lady- in the following five manners.

Students are advised to memorize the following five sentences and then do exercises sentences as many as possible.

SPECIAL ATTENTION : Dear students, before reading this page, you can have the basic ideas about noun phrase in our previous post, right here.

 Three definitions for proper understanding of Using the Noun phrases in sentences. 

Complement : It is such type of words in a sentence that fulfill the meaning of other related words in the particular sentences.

For example:

My brother is a teacher.

Here the “A TEACHER” is the complement of the subject “MY BROTHER” because the “A TEACHER” is telling the profession of the subject. Sometimes both is inter-changeable in the position.

Appositives: This is different from the complement This usually tells of a new qualities, characteristics and features of a particular noun in a sentences.

For example:

My brother, a teacher, is a good man in the country.

Here the “A TEACHER” is the appositives of the subject “MY BROTHER” because the “A TEACHER” is telling some additional features of the subject without making an direct relation with the subject. And grammatically there is no direct relation of the appositive with the other part of the sentences because the appositives (A TEACHER) can be removed from the sentences  without making any grammatical mistakes.

Prepositional Phrase as adverbials: The construction is Preposition + Noun phrase for example, in the office, at the meeting, from your computer etc

For example in sentence :

My friend at the meeting is a good man in the company.

Here the “at the meeting” is the prepositional phrase used with the subject as adverbials describing the place of the subject.

Usages of Noun Phrases:

  1. As the subject

PATTERN: NP plays football.

PATTERN: NP is beautiful.

  1. As the object

PATTERN: Mr Abdul plays NP.

  1. As the complement

PATTERN: This is NP.

PATTERN: NP is this.

  1. As the object of preposition

PATTERN: I am proud of NP.

  1. As the appositive

PATTERN: Mr Abdul, NP, is my friend.

6.As with  prepositional phrases used like adverbials.

PATTERN: Mr Abdul in NP is my friend.

PATTERN: Mr Abdul in your new office is my friend.



1. Make 06 X 10=60 sentences as above examples.


Top six ways for Using Noun Phrase in sentence

A Big white cat

  1. A big white cat is on my bed.
  2. My sister carry a big white cat.
  3. This is a big white cat.
  4. I am sending picture of the big white cats.
  5. Kitty, a big white cat, is a famous cartoon.
  6. Necklace in big white cat is cheap. (The correct sentence should be “The beauty in/of a big white cat is really charming”. )

The fragrant flowers

  1. The fragrant flowers are often very pretty.
  2. I bought the fragrant flowers.
  3. These are nice fragrant flowers
  4. We smell of the fragrant flowers.
  5. Rose, a fragrant flower, is called the flower of love.
  6. A basket of fragrant flowers is very nice.

Star shaped cookies (rearranged from student’s phrase)

  1. Star shaped cookies are delicious.
  2. I make star shaped cookies.
  3. This is nice star shaped cookies.
  4. They sell all of star shaped cookies.
  5. Oat with Raisin, star shaped cookies, are out of the shop.
  6. A pack of star shaped cookies is not expensive.

Clever young girls

  1. Clever young girls are doctor. . (The correct sentence should be “Clever young girls are doctors.”. )
  2. I am talking with clever young girls.
  3. They are clever young girls.
  4. They take care of clever young girls.
  5. Katy and Anny, clever young girls, are dancing on the floor.
  6. The Party of clever young girls is fun.

Many personal accident cases (rearranged from STUDENT’S’s phrase)

  1. Many personal accident cases were claimed.
  2. They blamed many personal accident cases.
  3. On this report there are many personal accident cases.
  4. They paid for many personal accident cases.
  5. Cars Accident, many personal accident cases, have been reported.
  6. The research on many personal accident cases is interesting.

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