Self-Learning : Learn English at Home

As salamu alykum,

Learn English at Home

Learn English at Home

Dear student, today I will provide you with a list of book with short reviews for learning English at home without taking any assistance from others. Just make a daily study routine and start reading the following books.
The Self taught Book list for learning English at any age at home:
1. A Passage to the English Language by SM JAKIR HOSSAIN, 
     Rohel Publications, Dhaka,
     Taka 280-300
     At Nilkhet/New market/Farmgate
2.  FM Necessary Vocabulary
     By Firoj Mokul
     FM Institute Publication, Dhaka,
     Taka 70-80
     At Nilkhet/New market/Farmgate
3. Word Learing Magic Book-1,2,3, and 4
     Rohel Publications, Dhaka,
     Taka 100
     At Nilkhet/New market/Farmgate
4. How to Read Newspaper
    by SM JAKIR HOSSAIN/Other Writer, 
    Professoir Publications
    Taka 220-250
     At Nilkhet/New market/Farmgate
Dear all.
Please buy all books from Newmarket and email us for any guidelines.
  In case of any question in our today’s post on Spelling Mistakes in English , you are requested to go to our contact page to make consultation with us, yes, right here in contact page.   




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