NU 2nd Year – Romantic Poetry Suggestion

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Suggestion on Romantic Poetry for 2018

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Part A: Brief Questions                                                                                            

(1×10=10) [Go through the texts of the poems with the special focus on the imageries, plots, themes, and the biographies of the poets.********************]

Part B: Short Questions on Romantic Poetry                                                                         (5×4=20)



Part A: Brief Questions                                                                                                  (1×10=10)

[Go through the texts of the poems with a special focus on the imageries, plots, themes, and the biographies of the poets.****************]


Part B: Short Questions                                                                                   (5×4=20)

William Blake

  1. What kind of person is the nurse in the “Songs of Innocence”?2017
  2. How are the lamb, the child, and Christ connected?*****2017
  3. How is the tiger different from the lamb?2016
  4. What do you know about Holy Thursday?2016
  5. How does Blake criticize society in the poem “London”? 2015
  6. Describe the conditions of the chimney sweepers.2015
  7. What did the child command the poet?
  8. Write a short note on the lamb.***
  9. What is irony? Comment on the use of irony in Holy Thursday.***
  10. Comment on the miserable conditions of the Chimney Sweepers.***
  11. How is the tiger different from the lamb?***
  12. How does “Songs of Innocence” differ from “Songs of Experience”?******

William Wordsworth

  1. What ‘loss’ does the poet refer to in ‘Tintern Abbey’?2017
  2. What is pantheism? 2017
  3. What does Wordsworth advise his sister in “Tintern Abbey”?2016
  1. Why does Wordsworth request Milton to return to London?2015
  2. What are the losses and gains in life as mentioned in the poem “Immortality Ode”?2015
  3. What is prenatal existence of human soul?*********

Or comment on Wordsworth’s idea of the immortality of soul.

  1. How does Wordsworth treat childhood?*****
  1. What is transcendentalism?
  2. What is pantheism? Cite examples of Wordsworth’s pantheistic belief in his “Ode: Intimation of Immortality”.****
  1. What is an ode? Evaluate “Ode: Intimation of Immortality” as an ode.****
  2. What is mysticism? Cite examples of Wordsworth’s mysticism in “Tintern Abbey”.****

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  1. What romantic elements do you find in ‘Kubla Khan’?2017
  2. What is ‘poetic license’?2017
  3. Write a short note on the Wedding Guest. 2016
  1. How was the old sailor relieved of his curse?2016
  2. Draw the significance of Death and Life-in-Death in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.2015
  3. Why was the albatross killed?***** How did the other mariners react to it?
  4. Describe the suffering of the Ancient Mariner for killing the albatross.****
  5. Was his punishment in proportionate to his crime?
  6. What is supernaturalism? *******What supernatural elements are found in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?************
  7. What is ballad?
  8. What is lyric?
  9. Describe the pleasure dome of Kubla Khan.**

Write a short note on:

  1. The Wedding Guest****
  1. Death and Life-in-Death****
  2. Albatross**


John Keats

  1. What is depicted on the Grecian Urn?******2016
  1. What is antithesis? Cite an example.****
  2. What is Hellenism?*****
  3. What is an urn? What do you know about the Grecian Urn?***
  4. What is sensuousness?******
  5. What is escapism?***
  6. What is Keats’ reaction after reading Chapman’s Homer?***


Percy Bysshe Shelley

  1. What appeal does Shelley make to the Skylark? Why?2017
  2. Describe the procession of mourners in “Adonais”.2016
  1. What request does the poet make to skylark?2015
  2. Why does Shelley forbid men to mourn for Adonais?2015
  3. What is simile? ***
  4. Cite examples of similes from To a Skylark.*****
  5. What is an epigram? ***

Lord Byron

  1. Briefly state the theme of Don Juan Canto 1.2017
  2. What do you know about a Byronic hero?*****2016
  1. What do you know about the education of Donna Inez? Write in brief.2015
  2. What is satire? Comment on Byron as a satirist.***
  3. What is an epic? What is an epic hero?***
  1. Write a short note on
  1. Donna Julia***
  2. Don Jose


Part C: Broad Questions                                                            (5×10=50)

William Blake

  1. Bring out the mystied elements in Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and of Experience”.2017
  2. Comment on Blake’s treatment of children/childhood with reference to his poems.**********************12,14*****2016
  3. Write an essay on Blake’s symbolism.*************2016
  1. Write a critical appreciation of the poem “Tiger”.2015
  2. “Blake’s poems illustrate the two contrary states of the human soul”. Explain.*Or compare the Songs of Innocence with the Songs of Experience.*****************11**10********************
  1. How does Blake criticize the society in his poems?**


William Wordsworth

  1. Discuss Wordsworth’s attitude towards childhood as revealed in the “Immortality Ode”.2017
  2. How is Wordsworth different from Coleridge as a romantic poet?2017
  3. What are the three stages of growth that Wordsworth refers to his poems? 2016
  1. Comment on the treatment of nature in Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”.2015*****
  2. Write a critical appreciation of the poem “London 1802”.2015
  3. Discuss “She dwelt among the untrodden ways” as a romantic poem.
  4. How does Wordsworth idealize/ glorify childhood in “Ode: Intimations of immortality”?*************
  1. Consider Wordsworth as a poet of nature with special reference to the poems you have read.***********
  2. How does Wordsworth portray the bond between man and nature in the poems you have read?************
  3. What are the losses and gains in life as mentioned in the poem “Immortality Ode”?2015,2011***************


Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  1. How does Coleridge mingle the natural and the supernatural in the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”?2015,2010,2017
  2. Kubla Khan is the poem about poetic creation.-Discuss.2016
  3. Discuss ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ as a poem of crime, punishment, sin and redemption.*********************12,10*****100%****2016
  4. What supernatural elements do you find in Kubla Khan?********
  5. Evaluate Kubla Khan as a romantic poem.**********12***
  6. Evaluate Kubla Khan as dream poem.*****
  7. Evaluate “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” as a ballad.***


John Keats

  1. Evaluate John Keats as a romantic poet with reference to his odes.*****2017
  2. Evaluate John Keats as a poet of Beauty and sensuousness.**************11************2016

Or Write a note on Keats’ sensuousness with reference to his odes.

  1. “Life is short but art is long”- explain it in the light of Keats’ poems.2015,2010
  2. Do you think Keats wants to escape from reality? Justify your answer from your study of Keats.2015,2012,2009.
  3. Comment on Keats’ attitude to melancholy.***
  4. Consider “On His first looking into Chapman’s Homer” as a sonnet.***


Percy Bysshe Shelley

  1. Discuss Shelley’s use of imagery in his poem “To a Skylark”.2017
  2. Write a note on Shelley’s treatment of nature in Adonais.2017
  3. How does Shelley idealize the skylark in his poem ‘To a Skylark’?*****************2016
  4. Discuss “Adonis” as a pastoral elegy.2015
  5. Evaluate Shelley as a poet of optimism.**************12***2008******
  6. Write a critical appreciation of the poem “To a Skylark”.


Lord Byron

  1. Trace the autobiographical elements of Lord Byron in “Don Juan” Canto-1.**2017
  2. Write a note on Byron’s treatment of marriage and love in “Don Juan” Canto-1.*****************2016
  3. What are the features of a Byronic hero? Discuss with reference to the Canto 1 of Don Juan..2015
  4. Evaluate Lord Byron as the satirist in the context of  “Don Juan” Canto-1. Or Evaluate “Don Juan” Canto-1 as a social satire.****11**************************
  5. Write a note on the romantic elements in Don Juan.***





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