How to revise your vocabulary

How to revise the vocabulary

Only learning vocabulary will not be sufficient in your aim at having an enriched vocabulary in English.
Vocabulary can be classified in the following categories as per my personal experiences:
1. Reading vocabulary: the words we can understand in course of our reading.
2. Writing vocabulary: The words we use in course of our writing.
The strength of the reading and writing vocabulary varies significantly because we words we understand in the reading process are greater in numbers than the words we use in the writing.


In the words learning methods, revision takes the core or vital parts which cannot be avoided because it is revision that will only convert your reading, listening and speaking vocabulary into writing vocabulary, the valuable one.
Valuable is the writing vocabulary as it can be employed in the dual purposes.
Our writing vocabulary builds up from the reading vocabulary. The frequently used words in the reading vocab shift to the memory drive of writing vocab. The frequent reading habit helps you build writing vocabulary.
Alternatively by revising more and more you can transform your reading vocabulary to the writing vocabulary.

The revision method is given below:
1. Memorize in the morning the new words.
2. Revise the words in the day after tomorrow.
3. Revise in the holiday.
4. Use the vocab card made of the paper sheet.
5. Use revision card to revise in the journey period or adda/chatting period.
6. Write dairy in English
7. Write at least two pages per day
8. Think in English
9. Talk before the mirror with newly mastered words
10. Revise with spelling practice.


Hope the active or passive student will win the race of increasing writing vocabulary. One thing is left that is following text of established writers worldwide.
Hope your success here!
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