Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) 59 comments
Dear Viewers, Today we are going to know about a US based financial professional course CFA ( Chartered Financial Analyst). CFA can be completed staying in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CFA takes two to three years for business graduates costing BDT 2.5 lac to 4 lac. A CFA charter holder can get the […]

How to Become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Honours 1st year suggestion 26 comments
NU Honours 1st Year Suggestion (Paper Code:  211103) English Writing Skills Suggestion for 2015  Exam Suggestion is a guide to success. Letter Writing: Define the following topics: Formal letter, Informal letter, and Business letter. What are the differences between formal writing and informal writing? **** What are the differences between a […]

NU Honours 1st Year Suggestion (Paper Code: 211103)

dialogue writing example
Today we will discuss the details of Dialogue Writing in English. In JSC, SSC and HSC exam, Dialogue Writing Exercise question is common. Let’s prepare for Dialogue Writing. [toc] Definition of Dialogue Writing in English A dialogue refers to a conversation between two persons. Besides, it is a discussion between two or […]

Dialogue Writing Examples

JSC, SSC , HSC and Degree Articles 2015
Articles for SSC, JSC, HSC & DEGREE 2015 In this page you will learn the easy and simple rules for using article in your every day English and in the exam paper. As title suggests, this rules are universal and applicable to SSC to Degree English. Let’s read the details: […]

Articles for SSC, JSC, HSC & DEGREE 2015

SSC and JSC Question Tags 1 comment
Question Tags or Tag Question  In your exam there are some common tag questions. Reading the simple rules here will help you prepare for the exams. No delay , go ahead and learn.Question tags for SSC 2015 & JSC 2015 Question Tags (Q.T.) are short additions to sentences, asking for […]

Question tags for SSC & JSC 2015 Question tags for ...

Narration Changes
Dear student,  As salamu Alykum, Hope you are in a good health and mind. Today you are gonna learn the narration changes. This page is exclusive for Narration Changes for HSC, SSC and JSC student in Bangladesh. You can master here the basics of changing narration in this post. Keep […]

Narration Changes for HSC, SSC and JSC

Degree_Englsih_Suggestion_2015 21 comments
 Dear Student, in our today’s post you are going to get the country’s best researched suggestion for the Honours (Non-credit) Compulsory  and  Degrees Compulsory English under National University of Bangladesh. Let’s go to suggestion section. [toc] Degree & Compulsory English Suggestion 2015  Reading Comprehensions  Follow all previous National University questions (2005-2012) & Questions of renowned […]

Honours Compulsory English Suggestion 2015 Degree & Compulsory English Suggestion ...

typing speed by blogger
Assalamu Alykum and Good Morning, Today we would show you the primary easy method of publishing your article online. It is expected that you would enjoy our today’s post. Please keep reading and learn the basics of living online. As a student or teacher, now-a-days you cannot but depend on […]

19 Steps to Publish a New Article in Your Website