How to enrich your vocabulary

How to enrich your vocabulary

Today we see 25% questions in the job recruitment exam from the vocabulary part. The rest of the proportion of the exam question is somehow related to the knowledge of the English vocabulary.

So it is the student life from when we should stat improving our vocabulary. Because it is a truth that one cannot enrich his or her vocabulary by practicing it for a shorter period of time such as 1/2 months. Increasing ones vocabulary takes time to develop. There is no short-cut method here.

It requires constant practice & revision. The revision method is mostly applicable to learning vocabulary. In another article you will find the revision method for increasing vocabulary.

Millions of English words are there to learn. The proper method must be followed. Any unplanned study will not result in success.

Firstly we have to select common word to memorize which will be our first steps in the process of learning English. In the ensuing post there is a list of common 2000 –two thousand words of English language selected by Longman corpus of the UK.
There are some proven tips on vocabulary here for your ease.
1. Collect a list of commonly used words. A list of commonest 2000 words is given for your consultation. The list is taken from the LONGMAN CONTEMPORARY DICTIONAR 2005 EDITION for which we are indebted to the LONGMAN Authority.

2. Learn the meanings with its parts of speech identification.

3. Memorize some rules of WORD FORMATION.

4. Make words by using PREFIXES & SUFFIXES of word formation.

5. Finally make sentences from the above 2000 words list.

It is believed that if a student masters the above listed 2000 words in four months by studying four hours per day, he or she will be capable of studying English text or newspaper with 100% understanding. This article is equally applicable for the student of six to twelve. An ambitious learner of any age will also find the article helpful as well.

Hope you succeed in your steps.
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