Definition of Sympathy

What does the word sympathy mean?

The sympathy meaning of:

Sympathy is the expression of feeling of sorrow for others. If someone feels and expresses sorrow for other’s hardship, he or she has sympathy for the sufferers. For examples – Mr Richard has showed profound condolences for the wounded people in the last bomb blast in London.

Word Formation with sympathy 

As a noun: Sympathy: The feeling of sorrow for other’s hardships; Example sentence:  I have sympathy for the loss of his mother.

As the plural noun: Sympathies; Example- The government has shown sympathies for the cricketers of the country.

As a verb: Sympathise or Sympathize; to show sympathy for someone.

As an adjective: Sympathetic; showing sympathy for someone.

As an adverb: Sympathetically; it means doing something in a sympathetic.


How did the word Sympathy Originate?

It is known that the lexicographer first find the meaning of “affinity between certain things” from Middle French sympathie (16c.), most probably in the year 1570.

How to Pronounce Sympathy:

We can pronounce the word sympathy in /ˈsɪmpəθi/.


Sympathy Messages:

  • Every morning we saw her face from today on I will fail to see her that is embarrassing for all of us we can’t sustain it at all sorry for your loss of father.
  • Loss of father is a great shock for every man we know. For which we feel sorry for you. After all; death t is the natural phenomenon. Nobody can survive when it comes to us. We all have to move to the world, a bit unknown.
  • Dear friend, we are sorry for your loss but it is a matter of fact that everybody has to die. Everybody has to leave this world. Your father has just completed his journey we must be meeting him soon.
  • Everybody has to obey the Commandments of the Lord. And death is nothing but the order of the Lord. Nobody can be in violation of the divine order, even for a single.
  • In the winter leaves of the trees will fall in the ground. In the rainy season drop of water will fall from the sky land and in the summer hot weather will be around us. Will there be any deviation? certainly not, there’ll be no deviation at all. The case is similar with that death.We have every sympathy for your father’s death.
  • My dear friend never feel loneliness we are with you we will remain so you are not alone please call us for any help you require in the days to come we are extremely sorry for your loss of father.
  • The Art of Condolence (NyTimes)



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