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National University of Bangladesh Suggestion on Romantic Poetry Course Code:221103 Part A: Brief Questions                                                                                             (1×10=10) [Go through the texts of the poems with special focus on the imageries, plots, themes, and the biographies of the poets.********************]     Part B: Short Questions on Romantic Poetry           […]

Romantic Poetry Suggestion (Code:221103)

Introduction to Drama
Suggestion on Introduction to Drama For the students of Honours 2nd Year National University Part A: Brief Questions                                                                           (1×10=10) [Go through the text books as intensively as possible putting special emphasis on the major characters and their speeches]   Part B: Short Questions                                                                           (5×4=20)  King Oedipus What […]

Suggestion on Introduction to Drama for 2nd Year

Ellipses in English
Dear Students, we welcome you to our today’s post on ellipsis as a punctuation mark.  In this page you have the definition of ellipsis and usages of ellipsis in details (with examples sentences from everyday English). Definition of Ellipses Ellipsis means the omission of one or more words from a particular […]

Ellipsis in English

Prose suggestion 1 comment
2016 Suggestion on Introduction to Prose For the Honours 1st Year students of National University Paper Code :  211107 Marks : 100 Credits : 4 Class Hours : 60 Paper Title : Introduction to Prose How to study Prose Make a chart or use a diagram as below to enlist […]

Suggestion on Introduction to Prose (Paper Code : 211107)