19 Steps to Publish a New Article in Your Website

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Assalamu Alykum and Good Morning,

Today we would show you the primary easy method of publishing your article online. It is expected that you would enjoy our today’s post. Please keep reading and learn the basics of living online. As a student or teacher, now-a-days you cannot but depend on online reputation which requires having a website.

Publishing your Article Online

Know the steps to publish a new post is as easy as sending an email to somebody. No technical skill is required other than basic ideas of content management system i.e. wordpress, jumla or BlogSpot. In this page you will learn the easy ways to let the world know your ideas in a sophisticated way.publish your post

19 Steps to Publish your Blog Posts

To publish a new post in your blog, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Write down idea and define the title of you new post
  2. Gather information from various sources
  3. Type the draft copy
  4. Go to www.YourSiteName.com/wp-login.php
  5. Enter your user name
  6. Type password for the wordpress
  7. Go to dashboard and click on New/PostStart blogging
  8. Type the title in initial capital format
  9. Type the text of your post
  10. Do capitalization, underlining, and making some word bold
  11. Add link for the contact page
  12. Add link for the related page
  13. Go to the right side bar and select category
  14. Go to the right side bar and type three tags i.e. related phrases and press enter
  15. Go to the right side bar and add image and type image descriptionBlogging now
  16. Go to below the folder option
  17. Type the target keyword
  18. Type meta text to be seen in the google search resultwe_are_in_goolge_result
  19. Again go to the right side bar and hit publish button

The Best Tips on Publishing

Hope you have got the preliminary ideas of writing an online blog post. I think it is easy for you all as most of us are accustomed to facebooking or emailing. You are recommended to re-read this page to have a clarified vision and publish your content skillfully.


Typing speed is a major factor in online publishing. So, you are request to keep posting daily regularly basis, i.e. daily or weekly for getting your reader satisfaction.  Try to write lengthy post ranging from 700-1000 words. The best practice in 2015 is writing at least 1500 words. 

Writer’s comment: this post will be made larger soon.

You can learn the making of a website a guide for Basic Learners in Webdesign. 

Best of Luck!

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